Métro ligne 14 Météor

main circulations - La Madeleine stationlongitudinal section - Le Chatelet stationOlympiades stationstudy drawing - entry level mezzanine looking down to the subway plateformcross section - architectural design guidelinescirculations - Olympiadesstudy of circulations at la Madeleine - the glazed triangle was to bring light to the main vertical circulation hubthe green house - Lyon railway stationfurniture and glass reflecting panelstudy model - the different areas of a station : street access, ticket hall, corridors tabard other lines, mezzanine and subway plateformthe green house - Lyon railway stationmain plateform - la Madeleine stationcross section - station Pyramides brightly colored wallsplateform - colored end wallsidewalk entry


Data sheet

Client: R.A.T.P.- Paris Transport Authority
Design competition: 1990 Construction: 1990-1996 Delivery: 1998
Architectural design charter: Bernard Kohn, Fabrice Antore, Jean-Pierre Vaysse
Project arcitects: Jean-Pierre Vaysse, Jana McCann
Visual: Annie Thévenin Engineering: RFR, Georges Berne, Gleeds, RATP


Creation of line 14 of the Parisian metro


The design brief

Overall architectural and stylistic design chart, from urban integration down to the detailing of the various components.
Design coordination of eight different metro stations, two of which by other architects.


The project

Creating practical, user friendly, readable, and clear public spaces.
Design of a contemporary vocabulary, which takes into consideration the specific technical constraints of an underground metro.
The metro is a continuation of the city.
This implies a link between this underground city, its users and the city above.
The station entrances were designed as to be easily identified and recognizable in the busy city environments.
The entry halls are spacious, are carefully designed to be as comfortable to its users while providing easy access to travel information and directions. The physical and visual continuity between functional areas permit clear and understandable routes.
The usual tortuous corridors have been banned and replaced by clear and direct circulation paths.
The variations in architectural atmospheres and lighting make commuting intelligible and welcoming. Careful indirect lighting accompanies ach part of the project.
The materials used all are chosen with respect to the reflection of light: thermoformed glass, polished concrete, warm colored floors.